So You Want To Be A Prophet

  Being a prophet seems to be a very popular calling today, and it is an established Biblical office of ministry.  It is so presently popular that there are more prophets loosed on the population that at any time in history.  But I often wonder how many printing that title on their business cards are truly prophets.

  1 John 4:1 instructs us to put each ministry to the test of qualification, especially that of a prophet.  (Beloved, believe not every spirit but try the spirits whether they are of God because many false prophets have gone out into the world. KJV)

  To those who would be a prophet, and to those who would listen to a prophet’s words, I offer the following seven test questions:

  Who called you?  Only God can call a prophet, not Mommy or Daddy, not Uncle Festus, not your pastor, and, believe it or not, not yourself.  Are you able and willing to explain your calling in detail?

  Who ordained you or set you forth as a prophet?  Since only God can call, only God can ordain.  That is not to suggest that some basic education in your calling is not necessary, but no school, no church, no denomination or tribe can teach you to be a prophet.

  Who recognizes you as a called prophet of God?  Are you recognized by the body of Christ?  Does the church seek you out for advice and counsel?  Are you called upon to reveal the secret things of the Most High regardless of how hard those things might be to the hearers?

  Are you speaking true words of prophetic nature or are you uttering words of knowledge?  Simply stated, prophecy is the foretelling or prediction of future events.  A word of knowledge is knowing and stating the secrets of another person’s heart.

  Are your prophetic statements equal parts correction, impending judgment, and instructive encouragement?  God never leaves His people condemned and dangling over the hot fires of Holy judgment without encouragement to return to Him through repentance.

  Are you prophesying for popularity when the Bible promises persecution as your reward?  A prophet’s reward for a job well done is not earthly but heavenly.

  Can your prophetic ministry stand the test of complete accuracy?  A prophet’s predictions must come to pass with 100 percent accuracy or death to the prophet is the penalty.

  While these seven questions are schematic, they are structured enough to help the prophet and people gain an insight into the legitimacy of a prophet’s calling.