The Road to Becoming a Licensed/Ordained Minister Can Sometimes be Long and Treacherous

  Most local, state, and federal government agencies do not recognize acts of ministry, such as wedding ceremonies, performed by unlicensed ministers as being legal or legitimate.

  HFM Ministerial Association offers opportunities to qualified candidates who believe God has called them to a dedicated ministry. In addition to instruction and other educational opportunities, we offer ministerial accountability and counseling. We also offer conflict resolution between our ministers and their congregations as well as between fellow ministers.  

  Our entry level minister receives a Certificate of Commission allowing the holder thereof to preach and defend the gospel.

  In addition to preaching, our Licensed Ministers can pastor, perform the sacraments of the church and conduct weddings and funeral services under the scrutiny of the Ministerial Association leadership.

  As an Ordained Minister, our licensees are no longer subject to continued supervision but are free to conduct their ministry as the Lord leads them.

Our Licensing Fees are as Follows:

Commissioned Minister  $100.00
Licensed Minister  $150.00
Ordained Minister  $200.00


  These are non-refundable, one time fees payable before issuance of license. These fees are subject to change without notice. There are no recurring fees or re-issue fees for ministers in good standing with HFM Ministerial Association.

Contact us today to become a Commissioned, Licensed, or Ordained Minister.