Did You Ever Want to Write a Book but Didn't Know How to Start?



  We can take you from conceptualization to publication. We work with aspiring authors from creating manuscripts all the way to cover design.

  Our fees include all aspects of getting your book to market. Formatting, proof-reading and editing, as well as artwork, are done by experienced professionals. Also, nothing is published without your final approval.

  We view our publishing component as a ministry to fellow believers who otherwise would not be able to share their knowledge and experiences because traditional publishing is far too selective and expensive.

  Our fees are well below established market rates but with no loss in quality. Fees are determined by page count, desired artwork and type of book to be published. All fees are discussed in detail prior to entering into a contractual agreement. Installment payment plans are available to those who need them.

  Let's begin your journey to becoming a published author together.

  Contact us today if you think you would like to become a published author. There is no cost for a consultation.