It Depends On How You Look At It

  I am an observer. I like to look at things. I like to look at a blazing, multicolored sunset. I like to look at a single leaf twirling in a gentle breeze. I like to look at the many shades of green in early spring. I like to look at snow capped mountains. I like to look at butterflies in summer, and many other things. But, I especially like to look at people.

  With sunsets and leaves and mountains and insects, what you see is what you get. Not so with people. Forced laughter hides years of pain. Childhood abuse can masquerade behind an outgoing appearance. And a pleasant smile can cover hatred like paint expertly applied to a canvas. A hand extended in a gesture of peace is often the same hand stabbing us in the back.

  People can be fickle. People can be paradoxical. People can be mean. Or, people can be genuine. People can be truthful. People can be good and loving. And each of those traits can be found in the same person. People are mostly a contradiction; a contradiction caused by sin.

  All people are subject to sin. All have fallen short of the perfection of their Creator. Sin's distortion causes people to take out their anger and frustration on other people. And that is where love changes our perspective.

  It is naturally easy to react to detrimental people in a retaliatory way. Love is sometimes not easy, and it is far more difficult to love your enemy than to hate him.

  But our approach to people all depends on how you look at it. The soul hell bent today might just be heaven bound tomorrow because we acted in love rather than reacted in retaliation. Each person we meet along our earthly journey is either headed to hell or headed to heaven.

  I used to find it difficult to love most people because I didn't like most people. I have since learned that like is subjective, and love is objective. Like depends on many factors outside of our control, while love is an attitude completely at our disposal.

  Instead of looking at people for what they are, we should view them through the lens of love for who they can become. In other words, it all depends on how you look at it.