Religion and Politics

  I remember Granddaddy saying, "Nothing divides a church quicker than religion and nothing divides friends quicker than politics." Granddaddy was convinced of his religion and his politics, and nothing nor no one was going to change his mind and, so, Granddaddy would not permit discussion of either in his home.

  It is shortly after four o'clock in the morning as I sit surrounded by darkness in my soundless living room contemplating Granddaddy's country philosophy and trying to make sense of our national landscape. Hidden among the bull rushes of Covid restrictions, extreme partisan politics and fear-filled Christianity, floats a tiny ark of truth that most will not rescue.

  With all due respect to Granddaddy, we have allowed a misconceived separation of church and state to prevent a healthy dialog among those who disagree on the legislation of morality. Those in the church who say that morality cannot be legislated must have omitted the Ten Commandments from their theology.

  A believer armed with the word of truth and the Spirit of Truth will always be perceived as a threat to government and religion. Jesus came not to segregate politics and religion but to integrate them.

  A government and a religion fear only those whom they cannot control. That is why together they crucified the One who came to save both.

  The darkness that fills my living room is not nearly so black and bleak as the future of our nation if the church is absent from the equation. The safety and sanctity of America hangs on the rusty hinges of sound ecclesiology, but the church is content to listen to the creaking of past success rather than seek the fresh oil of national revival.

  Without a strong and secure faith in God, and a willingness to engage politics without imposing denominational dictates on a diverse populace, the church will commit ecclesiastical suicide at the hands of politicians who would legislate the church out of America's future.

  It is time for the church to stand up, speak up, and vote Biblical morality back into the life of America. This is one time I hope Granddaddy was wrong.