Jezebel Sits On The Front Pew

Dr. Hawkins exposes the modern Jezebel's attempt to control today's church. He tells the reader how to recognize a Jezebel; the proper method to confront a Jezebel; and the effective way to remove Jezebel before she destroys the church.

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The Prophet’s Heart

Dr. Hawkins shares his vision for true revival in America. He believes that God is prepared to judge America for her national sins but will offer this nation a reprieve if America will seek God for one final revival. In this book, he sets forth the requirements for revival, the realization of revival, and the results of revival. 

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The View From My Balcony

In this book, Dr. Hawkins offers page after page of spiritual thoughts and insights with practical implications if practiced by the reader.

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Church People

They Did What!

Each of the church people in this book were actual people whose zany stories are true with only the names changed to protect the guilty.

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In The Palm Of His Hand

Dr. Hawkins assisted his wife, Jennie as primary author, in writing the story of Wilhelmina Bender who escaped the invading Russian army as well as Hitler's troops during World War Two. Through a series of miracles, Wilhelmina was able to escape war torn Europe to immigrate to America. 

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Kentucky Memories

Growing up on his Grandfather's small farm in Kentucky, James Hawkins spent countless hours at the feet of Granddaddy Hawkins learning life lessons that would prove beneficial decades later.

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Still Standing

Susan Collins takes the reader on an honest and open journey of living with anxiety and depression, near death experiences, and years of painful infertility. She also explains the many difficulties of being called by God as a female pastor in a male dominated profession including the grueling requirements imposed by her denomination leading up to her eventual ordination. "Still Standing" is a must read for male and female alike, especially for those aspiring to full time ministry.


Simplicity Through A


Brenda Gilbert is an accomplished photographer who has won multiple awards for her work.  In this book, Mrs. Gilbert captures the splendor of the Creator through photographs of His creation.  This coffee table book is a work of art to be appreciated and enjoyed by all who purchase it.


How To Pray The Perfect Prayer

Prayer is a privilege afforded to every believer and no prayer goes unnoticed by God. However, there are certain keys to making prayer more effective. From knowledge gained through their vast experience, Dr. and Mrs. Hawkins share those keys in how to pray the perfect prayer.

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