The Fight For Freedom

  America is the land of the free, and that freedom comes as a gift from God. It comes wrapped in a package called choice. We have the freedom to chose our spouses. We have the freedom to chose our political affiliation. We have the freedom to chose between good and evil, between righteousness and unrighteousness. Our freedom only ends where another person's freedom begins.

  But there are dark forces fighting to curtail our freedom. Three evil spirits are at work trying to erode our right of choice in today's America. Their ultimate goal is the eradication of God's church. They work in tandem to deprive us of liberty, and they are equally deadly.

  The spirit of Jezebel works in deception through misconception. She works throughout the land, but works especially powerful in Washington, DC. She flaunts her frivolous face across television sound bites almost at will. If her mouth is moving, she is filling the airwaves with ill-conceived ideas laced with misinformation and political pot stirring.

  Joining her in her heinous task is the spirit of Absolom whose trademark is self-centered insurgency. This spirit stirs rebellion in the hearts and minds of egocentric politicians causing them to pursue dominance through control. It causes those who were chosen to serve the people to think of themselves as powerful patriarchs above the laws they enact.

  Completing this treasonous trio is the spirit of Molech who demands the butchering of babies on the altar of convenience. Just as the devil tried to prevent the birth of the Messiah by murdering young boys, he has fiercely fought to destroy cures for cancer, future worship leaders, mighty ministers, and erudite educators for decades.

  All of this is taking place while believers sit comfortably on complacent pews waiting for a political deliverer that half of them are not even registered to vote for.

  Jesus said in John 8:32, "you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Our continued freedom hangs on the hinge of how much truth we are willing to receive from modern Elijahs and Samuels and Jeremiahs.

  A sleeping giant is no threat to anyone, but arouse that giant and he becomes a most formidable force. The church in America is that giant, and it must be stirred to join the fight for freedom for the future of our church and our country while there is yet time.